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How to contact us
What are the opening hours?
Is there a parking place for my car? Where?
Where does the tour start?
 Is it adapted for the disabled?
Can I bring my kid/kids?
Can I bring my dog?
Can I bring my baby in a stroller during the tour?
 Can I have a non-alcoholic?
Is the production always on in the factory?
Why can I not book the time for the guided tour that I want?
Can I book a later tour than I see in the booking calendar?
Why can we not be more than 18 people on the tour?
What kind of different types of tickets do you have?
Can you put me on a waiting list for a specific tour
Can I buy a gift card?
Can I pay on invoice?
Why can I not pay with cash?
I want to make a change in my booking, what do I do?
We would like a group tour; how do we do?
Is there room for a stroller in the restaurant?
Can I visit the restaurant even though I haven’t done a guided tour?
Can I rent the restaurant?